About me

Why am I painting?


 For me, painting, the use of different techniques, materials, shades of color is a stage for the processed and unprocessed feelings, memories and experiences of my life and my environment. Current topics that concern me are treated just as intensively as interpersonal issues, feelings such as sadness, joy, hope. In doing so, I allow my inner being to dominate over my mind, thereby increasing the intensity of the images so that a connection can develop between the viewer and the image. The history and energy of the work can be experienced and understood. The images need no explanation, as they can evoke different feelings in everyone. I allow the viewer to look into my innermost being and get in touch with me and themselves. I open up and thereby make myself vulnerable, vulnerable, but also something that can be experienced and valued. It's the risk in the creative process that I take on again and again. I create an image and display it with the desire that it touches, moves.


It's a kind of awakening from a trance of painting, the picture reflects the unconscious, which I can then deal with. I invite the viewer to be part of this process. He can then decide whether to accept this invitation.


For me, this special process of creating and “opening up” is what drives my work (full-time since 2008). The picture as a stage for my emotions, thoughts and energy.


I am often asked how long I need for a picture...I can only answer that the process of creation cannot be recorded in time and that it is always a new beginning at certain intervals. When the picture tells me that I can't go any further... the process is over.

Farben Mixed Colors

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